A big global family

This has been an intensive week for me. I stayed at Essentis and helped to bring natural elements back into the house environment.  Fallen birchwood branches. Funny story, I walked into the nearby forest and found a big birch tree. I bowed and asked the tree to show me the way to the birch branches[…]

The Spirit of Peace

I am deeply grateful for the magical days at Spirit Berlin center. So much love, so much peace.  We made peacefood for an amazing eye contact event. During these days I have again and again felt so blessed to have friends whose trust in me and love is so strong it almost hurts my heart[…]

4 Months of Walking2Peace

Its the 13th of October today. That means I have been walking for 4 Months. And my whole being sings with glee, gratitude and joy. What a blessing, to find my purpose in this life. To have found something to commit myself to fully, wholeheartedly, and to know that it is possible.  World Peace is[…]

World Peace Progress!

I was just interviewed by a local newspaper here in Lüneburg and during the interview I had an idea. A very powerful idea. I will tell you about it in the end of this blog post 🙂 Behind the scenes photo of a photographer The past days a similar pattern has been arising in conversations[…]

1000km to World Peace

I have now walked more than a 1000km to World Peace. What have I learnt so far? I have learnt that there are kind heroes in every village and every city. Thank you so much Kaj for giving us shelter and warmth and kindness and inspiration from your pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela Thank you[…]