4000km – To Follow your Heart

What does it mean to follow your heart? After 4000km of walking to peace, I have gotten some valuable lessons on the way. In our latest newsletter you can read about these, and you will also learn how I ended up in Greece and Ebba in France! Newsletter link

3000km! Vienna and Budapest

Greetings! In this newsletter we will share our peace-adventures from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Since the last update much has happened. In the beginning of August Ebba returned to the peacewalk and has now become a permanent member! After a few days of walking we finally reached Vienna and 3000km of the peacewalk, just in[…]


The past weeks have been beautiful. Entering Austria, finding protection from thunderstorms in a mountain chapel, meeting pacifists and Yogis in Linz – the city of peace and recording meditations for our app. Now, I’m resting my legs since Friday in the home of my new and dear friend Simone and her parents. It’s an[…]

Why we are closer than we think 

Hi! It’s been two weeks since I left Prague now, and I’m just a few days from the Austrian border. The next major city is Linz, “the city of peace,” which I greatly look forward to. View of wonderful Vltava river Resting my feet in front of the Hluboka Castle Kind Marta gave me and[…]

Bye Prague, Bye Ebba

What a wonderful week we have had in Prague! Many of the beautiful meetings was made possible thanks to a connection with the Rainbow family. The rainbow family is a community of free spirited individuals all over the world who meet in Rainbow gatherings, which like the rainbow arise in the most surprising places and[…]

The Mystic side of the peacewalk

We are in Prague! And the Peacewalk is Midsummer-modified!  Now it’s time for a massive blog post I have prepared for a long time 🙂 Walk2Peace has many sides. It has the practical aspects of walking long distances. It also has the cultural, political, social and environmental aspects of peace. This post I will share[…]

Bye Elbe, Hello Vltava

The past weeks I have been blessed to walk together with Ebba whom I met in Sweden this spring during the winter break. Here we are in the old town Melnik, a few days walk to Prague. Behind us you can see the edge where the two rivers Elbe and Vltava become one and flows[…]

Just Walk

“Just Walk” A very dear friend whom I met in Berlin told me these wise words. Again and again I came back to them when I fell into doubts about the Peacewalk. Doubts like this one: How is me walking around the Earth going to create peace? Before I started I didn’t understand this myself.[…]

A New Beginning

Tuesday the 9th of May I went by train down to Leipzig and on this Wednesday, the Walk2Peace finally resumed! It’s been almost 5 months since I went back to Sweden for the break. Why? So many reasons. One of the most important was to be with my grandmother who was living by herself at[…]

7 Peace Heroes you didn’t know about

Most have heard about Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela. However, our history is full of visionary humans embodying peaceful resistance. Let me share some more of those that have walked the path to peace through their lives: 1. Peace Pilgrim This is the way of PEACE, overcome evil with good and falsehood with truth[…]