What is Peace?

This is a question I have evoked in my mind and heart again and again. A “Koan” for those familiar with the Zen Buddhist term.  A question that yields a continuous stream of answers. Like a tree that yields fruits every new season, every time I repeat the question I receive new fresh answers that[…]

Journey to Peace

Yesterday I published the first video about the peacewalk and why I am walking: I was happy to receive so much support and kind words from people all over the world. Some asked if I have a route. I do. I’ve made a preliminary itinerary in Google Maps. You can take a look at it[…]

My plan for World Peace

Hello World It’s been two months now back in Sweden. Charging my heart with friendship and stillness. It will likely be two more months until I can resume walking from Leipzig, and now I have a plan. A plan for World Peace. Last week I woke up in the morning after a very special dream.[…]

5 steps to Peace 2017

This new year’s Eve I was in central Stockholm, lighting a peace symbol to remind us all that peace is possible. What do we need then? For world peace?  I don’t know the exact formula. But I do know some of the ingredients: sharing our limited resources, making sure everyone has access to good food,[…]

2000km 2Peace

Today its half a year since I took my first steps in Sweden. I started 12th of June. I chose this date because 12th of june 1982, one generation ago, a million people gathered in NY to demonstrate against nuclear arms. My personal demonstration for peace is now entering a different phase.  Today I am going[…]

Wittenberg – Leipzig

The past days I passed through Wittenberg, a town in preparation for the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther and his thesises. Here’s where Luther made his first steps to bring about a well needed change in the Christian tradition. Coughing and having a cold is no problem when you can stay with such an[…]

Held by the Earth

Last week I left Berlin to continue my walk, passing small villages on my way to the only important destination: Peace The very first day was special. It was late evening when I came to a small village. I asked around for shelter and was met with surprised faces who told me they could not[…]

Bye Berlin!

Thank you so much Berlin for these 3 weeks. It is now more than 5 months since I began my peacewalk and until now I never stopped more than a few days in the same place. However, Just as I was approaching Berlin my feet told me that this is a place where I will[…]

A big global family

This has been an intensive week for me. I stayed at Essentis and helped to bring natural elements back into the house environment.  Fallen birchwood branches. Funny story, I walked into the nearby forest and found a big birch tree. I bowed and asked the tree to show me the way to the birch branches[…]

The Spirit of Peace

I am deeply grateful for the magical days at Spirit Berlin center. So much love, so much peace.  We made peacefood for an amazing eye contact event. During these days I have again and again felt so blessed to have friends whose trust in me and love is so strong it almost hurts my heart[…]