A New Beginning

Tuesday the 9th of May I went by train down to Leipzig and on this Wednesday, the Walk2Peace finally resumed!

It’s been almost 5 months since I went back to Sweden for the break. Why?

So many reasons. One of the most important was to be with my grandmother who was living by herself at age 96. Unchosen loneliness is painful. Now she’s moving to a home for elders and she’s very eager to hear stories from me of the peacewalk this summer.

I also organized a peace march in my hometown Gothenburg on the day of the People’s Climate march.

And a peace concert by the amazing “12 Peace Prayers” trio, musicians from Sweden who plays songs made by a special set of prayers from 12 different world religions that were put together in Assisi, Italy. 

I already look forward to hearing then again in some grand church in Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul!

On my way down to Leipzig again I visited IPC in Denmark, International People’s College, a school funded after the fist world war to create peace by connecting people from cultures and nations all across the world.

In my break I also made this 3min video about the first 2000km to World Peace:

The first (2)100km to Peace

Here are me and Jana, Christian and Kiara, dear friends from Leipzig who have been walking with me the past week and today the GPS said 100km!

These days have been very calm and peaceful, warm weather and small villages. I’ve had a well needed rest from writing and all things digital besides the GPS 🙂

We are soon reaching Dresden where I will meet friends who met me in Berlin last year, and prepare for the walk to Prague which will be the coming month. You are most welcome to join me! I plan on leaving Dresden on Monday the 22th, connect with me on Walk2Peace.eu@gmail.com

During the first phase and the break I have met so many new friends who works for peace in so many different ways. I will now share some of them with you:

Friends of the Peacewalk

World Peace Village, Sweden

When one of my closest friends joined me for the Peacewalk I couldn’t have been happier. Like me, he used to be a engineer and we both share the vision for World peace. When we walked in Denmark he had a dream one night about a beautiful village. A village that would show the whole world YES! We humans can actually live in peace with each other, and with the Earth. 

Visionary Founder of World Peace Village
Right now he’s turning this dream into reality outside Gothenburg in Sweden on an old farmland next to beautiful nature reserves. The World Peace Village is growing and I will support it any way I can during the walk.

World Peace Prayer Society

Several times throughout the walk I have passed white huge poles with a prayer written on them in different languages: “May Peace Prevail on Earth”

I found out that these poles are made by the World Peace Prayer Society, an organisation originally rom Japan that now work on several continents. Founded by Masahisa Goi, the organisation spreads peace by empowering young and old through spreading the peace poles and the prayer itself as well as several projects and awards. Here is their website.

Civil March for Aleppo

Just 10 days after I took a break in Leipzig in December 2016, a group of engaged pacifists began a march from Berlin, to Aleppo. Through Central Europe in the midst of Winter! It’s been so inspiring to follow their journey digitally and now I hope to walk in their tracks at some parts of the walk. Read more and how to join them here.

The Peace Boat

“Building a culture of peace across the world”

That’s the motto of the Peace Boat, a specially designed ship that cruises the seven seas to make campaigns and education for peace. Since I’ll be crossing several oceans on my walk I hope to one day hitch a ride with the Peace Boat!

Kristina Paltén – Alone Through Iran

In 2015 Kristina ran across Iran as a lone Swedish woman to challenge her own and the western medias prejudice about the country. During the 2 months of running she was overwhelmed by kindness and generosity, watch her trailer here from the documentary that has been madr of her journey:

Peter Walker, Walking our World

Peter is a fellow Peacewalker who walks across the Earth for Peace, Balance and Freedom. He’s coming to Europe 2017 and hopefully we will walk together. More on him here.

Earth Treasure Vase

In 1990, Cynthia received instructions from a 106 year old tibetan Lama, living in a cave in the Himalayas. She asked him how she could help heal the Earth and he gave her vases to fill with prayers and bury on certain sites across the world. Now 27 years later, this form of sacred activism has buried 30 vases, every vase has brought unique forms of healing and peace to the land. One example is the Peace huts and empowering of women in the Liberia peace process. Read more about the stories of healing that each Vase has brought with them here.


I contacted Shubhendu Sharma after I watched his visionary TED talk on reforestation. During the Peacewalk I plant trees wherever I pass and it’s such an inspiration to see his tree planting projects that are grounded both in environmental, social and corporate dimensions.

With these introductions, I’m ending this post with a photo of my dear friends in one of the peaceful campsites this first week of Walk2Peace 2.0.

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