Journey to Peace

Yesterday I published the first video about the peacewalk and why I am walking:

I was happy to receive so much support and kind words from people all over the world.

Some asked if I have a route. I do. I’ve made a preliminary itinerary in Google Maps.

You can take a look at it below. If you see that I am passing by close to any peace related area (could be a monument, shrine, any religious/spiritual center or wonders of nature) please feel welcome to send me a comment with your recommendation:

Dates and countries:

29 April, peace march in Gothenburg and then train to Leipzig and resume the walk. On my way to Istanbul I pass Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bukarest. It’s roughly 2000-2500km to Istanbul which means around 150-200 days (20-25km/day is a good average with breaks every week)

2017 Winter: Boat across the Black sea to Georgia and walk to the Caspian sea and Teheran. Then another boat across the Caspian Sea and walk to Volgorod in Russia. Train to Moscow (hope to give Vladimir a hug) and train across Sibiria to Beijing, China.

2018 Spring-Summer: Walk from Beijing to Shanghai.

2018 Autumn-Winter: Boat to South Korea. Walk across, then boat to Japan and walk from Nagasaki or Hiroshima to Mt Fuji and Tokyo.

2019 Winter-Spring: boat to Indonesia. Walk across Indonesian/Polynesian islands

2019 Summer-Autumn: Walk parts of East coast of Australia, boat to Tasmania.

2019 Autumn-Winter: Boat to New Zealand and walk across.

2019 Winter: Boat to South America

~2020:South America
Walk through Peru, Bolivia, Lake Titicaca and Sacred Valley. Go by river boat in the Amazon. Walk in Ecuador along the Andees to Colombia. Celebrate Colombia’s peace process.

~2021: Latin America
Boat to Panama, walk to Costa Rica and through Latin America up to Mexico and Los Angeles. Boats/trains where needed.

~2022: United States
San Fransisco to Salt Lake to Colorado to Washington DC. Give Donald a long hug. Continue to New York.

~2023: Africa
boat from NY to West Africa. Backtracking the slave route. Walk parts of West Africa or continue by boat to coast outside Congo. Cross Congo to lake Victoria. Follow the Nile to Cairo.

~2024:Middle East, Europe
Walk to Gaza, Jerusalem and finally take peaceful steps to Syria and Damascus.

Continue by boat from Beirut to Cyprus, Athen and Rome. Walking on the grounds of the ancient civilizations.

~2025: Europe
Walk through Europe, passing Paris, Brussel, London, Dublin and Edinburgh. Finally return to Norway and Scandinavia. Walk across Sweden to the Capitol and down to Varberg where I began 2016. Roughly 10 years later. Hopefully 10 million vows by then and a world in peace.

How do you fund a peacewalk like this?

You ask the world of course.

If 200 individuals dedicated to peace donates 5$ each monthly, I will have more than enough funds to afford both the food, the transports and the shoes needed for the peacewalk. This way I can remain unbiased and keep my walk a grassroot initiative without having any organisations or corporations involved.

Do you want to support this journey to peace?

Go to my Patreon site where you can pledge a 5-50$ monthly donation.

Thank you
All my wishes for world peace