My plan for World Peace


Hello World

It’s been two months now back in Sweden. Charging my heart with friendship and stillness.

It will likely be two more months until I can resume walking from Leipzig, and now I have a plan.

A plan for World Peace.

Last week I woke up in the morning after a very special dream. I was in Normandie, during D-Day. The dream felt more like a memory than a dream and I had a clear view of how the soldiers were standing lined up, ready to die.

They looked at each other hesitantly. And I could feel that not a single one of them wanted to be there.

After this dream, I had the idea. To create an agreement. A petition that states that we all want peace and that we want our countries to finance peace instead of weapons and troops.

In order to make peace, we need to build trust. Take Sweden and Denmark as an example. Since the founding of these nations in the early first millennia, they have been warring against each other over and over. Some of the places I’ve lived in Sweden has been Danish, then Swedish, then Danish, then Swedish and so forth for hundreds of years.

There has been many peace resolutions and truces, but what made the peace finally stick? Today I dare state that not a single Swede or Dane would ever consider the other nation a threat. It’s just impossible to even think of invading each other. What would anyone gain of that?

And the same could be said of Germany and France who fought two world wars…

However, there are still nations that invade other countries. If I was living in the Baltic States it would probably be difficult for me to sign an agreement about reducing our military funding, when I know that Russia recently invaded Ukraine. Likewise for Iran, knowing that the US has invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq.

So how can we begin the global disarming?

It has to start in every nation. From within. And it has to come from trust, which begins with respect of sovereignty.  It is this trust that exists between Sweden and Denmark, between France and Spain and Germany. The trust in knowing that my neighbors won’t attack. They have nothing to gain from it. We are so much better off in a prosperous friendship and collaboration.

To build this trust, we need to gather our voices. This is the purpose of the petition.

To gather 1 Billion signatures that agree that peace is a necessity. 1 Billion citizens that demand their own country to shift their funding from weapons and military training to funding the foundations of peace: sustainable infrastructure, home, schools, food, hospitals, research, clean water, arable land and ecosystems in balance.

I’m now about to start the first petition which has the goal of 10 million signatures. That’s roughly the population of Sweden. If I can pass that on to some leaders in Europe that would be a great start. Because the politicians follow the will of the people. If they see enough people wants to take the steps of trust towards a disarming, then they will make changes in laws and budgets accordingly.

After that comes a petition for 100 million and ultimately 1 Billion. One signature, one voice at a time.

While I am walking, I’ll make sure to gather as many signatures as possible. I can’t do it alone, though. I need your signature and your international network of friends. I also need your support for funding. The role of social media for world peace cannot be underestimated. 

By gathering grass root donations globally, I can use ads in social media to promote the petition and reach networks and social spheres I couldn’t reach otherwise.

For this reason, I have started a Patreon. It’s a support site for content creators where you can put up a monthly recurring donation. Even 5 dollar a month goes a long way.

Give your support here

It’s going to take a while to get all these signatures, but I won’t stop walking until I’ve gathered 1 Billion.