5 steps to Peace 2017

This new year’s Eve I was in central Stockholm, lighting a peace symbol to remind us all that peace is possible.

What do we need then? For world peace? 

I don’t know the exact formula. But I do know some of the ingredients: sharing our limited resources, making sure everyone has access to good food, clean water, medicines, education and making sure everyone has friends and meaningful activities in their life. 

Then of course we also need to to stop the military conflicts, the exploration and corruption…

This list can go on and on and become quite demotivating, because what can I do?

I’m just a single person looking at all these disasters and wars…

You my friend, have tremendous power. One of your smiles or comments can transform someone’s day or week or even their life!  

Here are 5 easy steps you can take toward personal and planetary peace.

1. Inner peace

Skip the news stream for a day and just watch your own inner news stream. Take a long walk in the closest park or forest. Go up on a rooftop if you’re in a big city and watch the sunset. Let the outside situations pass you by like leaves in the wind. Not to forget or ignore them, but to gather your own peace, you own clarity before you act. 

So that your actions become constructive instead of reactive, long-term instead of short-term.

2. Food

Vegan Christmas buffe

Enjoy a wonderful vegan meal with your friends once a week, or every day! This way we create a peaceful food culture one meal at a time.

Reuse the food waste! Talk with the managers of you favorite food store. Ask them what they do with their waste. Make them know that you care, that they need to stop their food waste if they want to keep their customers.

3. Community

Christmas Peace celebration, Gothenburg

Do you have supportive friends around you?

If not, go find them! They are waiting for you, somewhere. It could be in digital forums, or gatherings of any kind. We are social beings and with the power of true friendship you can overcome so many wars inside yourself. 

Invite your neighbors for tea and talk about how you can make your area more peaceful and thriving. If you live in a grey apartment complex, bring nature inside! Plant flowers in the common staircase and watch the mood rise!

4. Economy

What do you enjoy doing?

In what way can you help the planet?

If you have an answer that already agrees with both of these, this could be you calling. Your mission. 

Basic income or similar systems will surely revolutionize the way we think of jobs and money, but it’s not here yet. 

So make sure you have a source of monetary income (if your mission cannot give that to you straight away). And make sure your income comes from a good source, a good company or organisation with values that you agree with.

5. Knowledge

Wars can never create peace.

Inform yourself. The weapon industry is built on fear and the misconception that bombs and guns make us safe. Not true. What makes us safe are healthy communities and sustainable infrastructure.

Talk with your friends about peace. When we discuss peace we give attention to peace. Do the small everyday actions and dream about the big visions, how would world peace look like? How would it feel like? 

Empower and inform each other

You have the knowledge of the whole world in your pocket sized phone, You have the wisdom of the whole world in your heart.

Use it for good

Isn’t it time for World Peace 2017?