2000km 2Peace

Today its half a year since I took my first steps in Sweden. I started 12th of June. I chose this date because 12th of june 1982, one generation ago, a million people gathered in NY to demonstrate against nuclear arms.

My personal demonstration for peace is now entering a different phase. 

Today I am going in the opposite direction of Syria. After the 2000 first kilometers walked to peace, I am going back to Sweden by train. Back to my family, friends and my beloved grandmother. I take this break for many reasons, and the most important one is to keep my grandmother company in the darkest weeks of the year, until I resume my peacewalk from Leipzig early 2017.

I am blessed to have a family to return to

I am blessed have a piece of paper called “passport” that allows me to go back. To be born in a country that has hospitals, schools, and promotes equal rights and freedom of speech.

When I took the first train back, I got help by wonderful men who asked if I need something. I said no. Because I felt content, but then they asked me if they could give me money and I happily recieved it. Because yes, I do actually need money now. Money for train rides and food now that I am returning to the realm of money.

So if I have inspired you my friend in any way, and if you have some money to spare, I will gratefully receive it. 

You can send your gift to: (IBAN)


Icabanken, 9271 511 322 6

Albin Hagberg Medin

Living without money for the past months has given me some valuable perspectives. It’s clear to me that we have designed our economic system in an awful way. 

You and me have both been taught that money is something we get as a reward when we do something good, when we go to our job and “work” and support our society. 

This is wrong. This is utterly, completely bullocks. 

Money is something that is created by banks. Governments have given private banks the mandate to create money by loans. So we create money by putting each other in debt. That’s the sad reality of our system.

Sure, sometimes you do get money from doing work at your job. Sometimes the work you do is actually supporting essential parts of human society like providing food, schools, medicine etc.

But that’s far, far from all jobs, many jobs actually just create more problems and destroy socities, such as working at fast food chains, mining and oil industries, industrial agriculture and the PR for all these companies. And they still pay you money and often a lot of it too. Even though your hard work is only creating more suffering and destruction.

Do you know what gives far far more money than working? Money

Yeah. Having lots of money gives you even more money. And you don’t have to work a minute. Yet, we are told that the monetary system is necessary to motivate you and me to go to these jobs. Otherwise society crumbles.

Wrong. The only parts of society that crumble are the part we never needed in the first place. All the corrupt companies with slave like workplaces that produce toxic products, pollution and endless garbage dumps. 

Fact: the 62 richest people in the world own more than half of the worlds population combined.

The 62 richest people in the world own more than half of the worlds population combined…

They really must have worked very hard to get such a big reward huh?

Wrong. That’s not how our system works. The system is working for them to hoard all this wealth. 

Whenever people starts talking “we can’t afford the refugees, we can’t afford to shelter the homeless, we can’t afford renewable energy, we can’t afford organic food. Show them this.

We can afford to feed the whole humanity with good, ethical, healthy, environmentally friendly food, clean water, excellent education, technology and medicine. the day all of us discover the joy of sharing.

Read more: Basic Income

And the billionaires are also stuck. Stuck in their prison of gold that prevents them from seeing all the unnecessary suffering and destruction on the planet that their “wealth” is causing.

What can you do to free them from their golden prison? Divest

Divest your funds, change banks to co-ops / not for profit banks.

If you have savings, extract them from your bank account right now and invest them today in good organisations that work for peace in all its forms.

Because what’s the point of investing your money to a future that won’t come? 

Unless we change our lifestyles and our economic system. So ride your car a last ride to the car graveyard. Celebrate by eating a luxury vegan dinner at a nearby restaurant or better yet, go together with your friends and make a dinner together! 

From the raw food potluck in Leipzig

My dear friend we are so many who wish for peace on Earth. So many.

I might be taking a pause from my peacewalk but there are right now thousands of people who are preparing to walk the same way. The 26th of december, thousands of people are beginning to walk to Aleppo, Syria, from Berlin. Yes, thousands! Yes they are also walking to Syria! Yes! Amazing! Read more here.

Two other good reasons to celebrate the unfolding of peace on our Earth today:

Success for Standing rock and the half a year long peaceful demonstration for native American rights to their land and to stop a pipeline that is being constructed straight through. The pipeline has already desecrated sacred burial grounds and is now threatening the water reserves of millions if it will break (which pipelines do. Often. And destroying entire ecosystems with the spills). 

In December came the initial victory as a permit to drill was denied. The demonstration even gathered thousands of veterans who came and led by the son of a former NATO supreme commander, the veterans offered their apologies to the native elders for the centuries of harm done by the US military to the native tribes. Here you can see a video from the beautiful ceremony.

The company is continuing to drill despite of this and people from all over the world are divesting from their banks that fund the pipeline company. 

The Peace agreement in Colombia has been voted for and agreed to by the government!

And mark the date: 27th of December

On this date I will finally get to share with you the first book in my fantasy series. The past years I have been growing a gigantic fantasy world in my heart and mind. Because when the real world gets too crazy, too cruel, my imagination helps me alive. My beautiful fantasies help me stay aligned with my core values, my heartwood.

My sincerest gratitude to everyone I have met on this path. This path of everyday miracles, of healing, of astonishment and reconciliation. 

The wonderful pirate crew of Leipzigs amazing Italian vegan pirate rainbow cafe. See you soon!

A last peace ceremony in Leipzig… For now. 

The sign of a man I met in the street. May my last euros give him food for some days. May all of us learn the joy and wonder of sharing our resources. 

The Path 2 Peace

Link to sound file


Come let me take you for a walk

Lets see the miracles, the sunlight that reach through the clouds. The starved hands and the clear cut land. Let’s hear the whisper of birds and beetles and songs of thousands of cars on the highway.

You have walked far my friend, so why not let me walk you all the way home?

Home to the stillness within your breath

Home to the open grove within the wild growth of your worries

Home to the million eyes that have touched your soul

Home to all the brave beings who were first to put down their arms and forgave and were forgiven
Come, let your tense heart and stiff shoulders rest in the stream of buzzing energy. Rest in the creative force of life that dances with death in each space between the beats, between the flickering of your eyelids and of your fingers on the screen.

Let me walk you home. Close your eyes. And walk with me all the way home.

To Peace.”