Bye Berlin!

Thank you so much Berlin for these 3 weeks. It is now more than 5 months since I began my peacewalk and until now I never stopped more than a few days in the same place. However, Just as I was approaching Berlin my feet told me that this is a place where I will stay for a while to meet amazing Peacelovers and Peacemakers. And this is exactly what I have have done.

Peace demonstration in front of the German house of Parliament

During these three weeks I have learnt again and again the importance of following my inner guidance, my intuition. Life has taken me to many different places in Berlin, to spiritual centers and dance festivals, to peace demonstrations, an anti-war cafee, a bio vegan hotel and connected me with people all over Germany and the world who long for nothing but peace on Earth.

The Brandeburg peace gate

Dear Maria and Daniel who came from Sweden to sing peace songs and mantras with me on our full moon celebration

Meeting amazing Peace heroes and tree planters of Greenpeace Berlin

I have also learnt more of the deep power that comes with a sincere wish.

The power of a wish for World Peace

To experience this power helps me grow the seeds of peace and love that are in all of us. Grow through the layers of worries, insecurities and doubts so that we can flourish like the human flowers of Earth that we are.

Goodbye Spirit Berlin family, what a joy and honor to have been taken care by you <3

We breathe the same air, we inhabit the same earth. We all belong to it and we all belong together. From this awareness we hear the call to come together” – from the Spirit Berlin Manifesto

Bruno my beloved friend, we stand with Standing rock!

At the Berlin anti-war cafe which has been promoting peace for 11 years!

During my Peacewalk, I have learnt many things and one of the most important is:

We are the regeneration generation

  1. We are seeing through the injustices and inequalities of the corrupt economic and political system.
  2. We are seeing through the pointlessness, disease, pain and destruction that consumerism leads us to.
  3. We are no longer buying the false beliefs of war. The false beliefs that war is something necessary when in fact it is organised murder.
  4. We will give this beloved planet the love and support it needs to recover from all the planetary violence.

Planting trees for the World to breathe again

Recently more than 50 million trees where planted in India in just 24 hours by over 800.000 volunteers!

This is the power when we come together as a human family, as children of the same mother and father: the Sacred Earth and Universe

I will keep walking towards World Peace and I’m carrying in my heart the blessings and good wishes from hundreds of friends in the heart of Europe and Germany, the city of Berlin.

Peacebrother Jens who gave me beautiful Cacao to keep my heart and body warm 

Finally I want to share with you a song by my beloved Peace sister Maria which we sang together with lovely friends on my last night in Berlin, Celebration the Super Full Moon of Love and Peace!

Peace on Earth starts with peace in our hearts

Please, take a moment with yourself and listen to this message. Soak your breath in the gentle rhythms and allow everything to be as it is right now.

In peace

Touching the ground, our common ground

To my swedish friends, should you wish to send me monetary support by swish 0708695333, I would be very grateful 🙂