3000km! Vienna and Budapest


In this newsletter we will share our peace-adventures from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

Since the last update much has happened. In the beginning of August Ebba returned to the peacewalk and has now become a permanent member!

After a few days of walking we finally reached Vienna and 3000km of the peacewalk, just in time for our meeting with the United Nations (UN) and the department of disarmament affairs.

The meeting was very inspiring and gave us valuable insights into the challenges of disarmament and how the UN is working with this both on a global and grassroot level.

We also had the privilege of meeting the Sri Chinmoy center which is a global association whose founder gave guided meditations at the headquarters of the UN for more than 30 years! It was such a heartfelt meeting with the community at Vienna who welcomed us as brothers and sisters.

Together we held the peace torch which has been in the hands of the pope, mother Teresa amongst many powerful souls on this earth.

During the whole stay in Vienna we stayed in the home of a very dear friend named Karen. She had just got back from a one year training in Israel on climate justice and water management at Arava Institute and we got to know the Israeli Palestine conflict from a new perspective.

Towards the end of our stay we had a meeting with Peter Haider from the Universal Peace Federation. By life’s magical synchronicity, just before this we stumbled upon the Peace Museum of Vienna where we had a spontaneous interview recorded and made friends with two new friends, Sacha and Zafar.

To finish where we started, we had our last meal in Vienna under the oak tree outside of the UN. Accompanying us was a new peace brother named Benedikt, who had heard about us from a friend in Germany!

Only a few days of walking from Vienna we entered Bratislava in Slovakia. On our first day of arrival, the 26th of August we were featured in a peace festival,video link.

Roughly 1700km left for Istanbul, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade on the way

Passing the palace in Bratislava

Camping along the way to Budapest

Slovakian farmer Rudi gave us a bag of his fantastic home grown paprika

After a heavy nights rain the river we camped got a little too close in the morning!

First time we pick Almonds

After Bratislava we spent a few more days in Slovakia until we crossed the border into Hungary in the city of Esztergom.

Here the kingdom of Hungary was founded in the year 1000 AC and in the 1800th century they built a beautiful Basilice overlooking the Danube.

It’s a Walk2Peace but sometimes you have to take the ferry to cross the river

Passing beautiful mountains along the Danube we came to Budapest with great excitement.

Finally we were going to reunite with our dear peace-brothers Erik and Fredric who came from Sweden to join us for a while!

Fredric, to the right of Albin, walked with Walk2Peace from Sweden to Germany 2016 and Erik created the web page and our coming app!

Together we discovered Budapest and we were all breathtaken by its beauty. Here we made numerous visits to Thermal Baths and ate so much good vegan food!

After a few intense days in Budapest we made our way out of the city where we waved goodbye to Erik.

Together with Fredric the peacewalk continued and it was such a joy to once again be out in nature with our dear peace-brother.

We have now approximately three months left until we reach Istanbul and we want to welcome all of you who wish to join us at any time.

We walk roughly 20km per day and try to follow the Donau / Danube.

The coming weeks we are walking to Belgrade and then the pilgrimage takes us to the Iron Gate Mountains and through Romania and Bulgaria.

Just send us an email of you have any questions, to Walk2Peace.eu@gmail.com

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Double rainbow over Budapest parliament on our last day

Heartfelt greetings

Ebba and Albin