Why we are closer than we think 


It’s been two weeks since I left Prague now, and I’m just a few days from the Austrian border. The next major city is Linz, “the city of peace,” which I greatly look forward to.

View of wonderful Vltava river

Resting my feet in front of the Hluboka Castle

Kind Marta gave me and Sofi cookies, coffe and homemade gooseberry jam!

After Prague, Ebba went back to Sweden to reconnect with her family and friends and right now she is at the European Ecovillage conference with Fredric, at the frontiers of practical sustainability and peaceful ways to live on planet Earth. 

The golden Lotus Yurt in Sweden

Beautiful human peace symbol made by participants at the recent festival “No Mind” at Ängsbacka in Sweden

I’ve had some great meetings the past days, lately with Ladislav Zibura. 

He is a Czech young man who travels and makes long walks around the world and writes and talks about his experiences in an entertaining and inspiring way. 

He inspired his whole family to walk the Santiago de Compostela and it was lovely to meet them. 

I even got homemade bread and veggies for the road ahead!

Something that’s been coming back to me again and again recently is that we are so much closer than we think to peace. Both to peace within ourselves, and in the world.

Just take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the feeling of being alive in this moment.

World Peace

Since I carry with me a smartphone, I basically have most of the known history of humanity in my pocket. Lately I used this to update my knowledge about wars through Wikipedia. After reading about the thousands of wars around the world the past millennia and for me it is very clear: 

We are moving in the right direction. 

Most “broad spectrum” statistics will tell you that the peaceful trend that humanity was following after WWII has been broken the past ten years, but I say otherwise. There is a great collective shift in the collective understanding of war. We are finally leaving the old paradigm where war is some kind of option or “last resort” to solve conflicts. 

War never solves conflicts

War ruin the lives of thousands, of millions. War dehumanize both the soldiers and the civilizans, it destroys the Earth and wounds the very foundation our civilization is dependant on – the heart of humanity.

So instead of being dragged down by the bias news reports, be it the war in Syria or threats between US and North Korea.

Ask yourself what you need for peace in you heart today my friend?

And what does the Earth need?

Can you find an answer that fits both?

Perhaps the answer is closer than you think?

Some more photos:

how to stay floating”

Here is our remaining route! 

It took us 2500km to get here, and in about 5 months and 2000 more km we will reach Istanbul and Asia!

In this ancient city we wish to make an interfaith peace ceremomy and peace concert. If you know anyone in Istanbul interested in this please connect them with us 🙂

Walk2Peace.eu@gmail.com is our email

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Our deepest wishes for Peace