Bye Prague, Bye Ebba

What a wonderful week we have had in Prague!

Many of the beautiful meetings was made possible thanks to a connection with the Rainbow family. The rainbow family is a community of free spirited individuals all over the world who meet in Rainbow gatherings, which like the rainbow arise in the most surprising places and dissappear without leaving any trace except joy and peace in the heart.

Before we came to Prague we contacted the local rainbow community who invited us to a joyful celebration that took place the same night of our arrival. Perfect timing. Once at the festival a woman approached us who recognized me from last year when I passed through Berlin!

Amelie invited us to the community she was staying at, “Vila Flora”. It’s an alternative community inspired by Ghandian principles of non-violent methods for transformation of one self and society. Guess if we felt just at home <3

In the community we shared a peace ceremony, something we will share in every major town that we pass through. 

We also met my old dear friend George who walked with in Flensburg, Germany last year and who recently moved to Prague. So lovely to meet again!

At one of our last days we had an especially inspiring meeting at the Prague Castle. Just outside the castle a man was playing the harp and singing old folk songs. We stopped and were very touched. When we had visited the castle and were on our way back, the man was just about to leave. We really wanted to give him something but neither one of us has any cash. Until I realized I had a 500 crown bill in my pocket, which is quite a lot for a peacewalker.

I thought about it for a second and knew I wouldnt find a single person in the whole Prague I wanted to give this to more than this old man. So we gave him the bill and he was very happy and gave us a CD (which we didnt even knew that he sold!) Next to him was younger man who we began talking to, and it turned out he was traveling the world while giving free hugs to anyone he passes!

So we each got a sign from him and began to give free hugs on our way down from the castle. One girl who we hugged was from Mongolia and her father invited us to their home once we get to Ulan Bator next year! 

The hugging man Mira, (his namn means peace in Czech Language), then told us about a wonderful Pilgrim couple named “Pilgrims of Freedom” who have traveled the world for 10 years without money,  spreading love and peace everywhere they come. Read more here.

Immense inspiration for us! That 500 crown bill given away at the right moment gave us many things that can’t be bought or put a price on. Inspiration, friendship, trust and hope.

Once back at the Villa, the Czech organisation “May all beings be happy,” came and gave us T-shirts with this beautiful universal prayer written in Czech.

Kéž jsou všechny bytosti šťastny

After a 13h train ride, Ebba is now back in Sweden to reconnect with Mother Earth and friends and family before she comes back down. 

Bye beloved <3

I left Prague yesterday, walking with dear friends from Vila Flora, and today the youngest peacewalker yet joined the walk to peace!

Butterfly joining the Peacewalk!

Playtime break in the peacewalk

One of the most important things we created in Prague was Peace Postcards:

These explain what we are doing to people who ask us on the way, which is especially helpful when we are on the countryside in Czech republic and Austria were people sometimes doesn’t speak English.

Tonight I’ll sleep peacefully beneath young oaks. My wishes for peace in your heart, your family and the whole world.

Sincerely, Albin


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