Bye Elbe, Hello Vltava

The past weeks I have been blessed to walk together with Ebba whom I met in Sweden this spring during the winter break.

Here we are in the old town Melnik, a few days walk to Prague. Behind us you can see the edge where the two rivers Elbe and Vltava become one and flows all the way down to Germany and returns to the Atlantic Ocean in Hamburg.

Elbe in Dresden

Since I’ve crossed Elbe many times already in Germany and walked along her side the past month in Czech Republic, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. One last swim, and now we swim in her sister river Vltava.

Nature Prevails!

Walking along a river is such a tremendous support, not just because of the cooling effect of a daily bath in the hot sunny days, but also because of the inspiration. Think that these drops of water at some point have evaporated from the oceans. Drops raised to the sky by the light of the Sun, to fly above land until they reach mountain tops where they land and gradually reunite as a huge flowing mass of water. Only to return again and again.

A little bit like the Peacewalk. More and more drops of waters unite for this peace pilgrimage across the Earth to become a flowing mass of inspiration and hope.

Here is a song by a famous Rumi poem, soon we come to your land of birth Rumi!

After Prague the next town is Ceske Budewice, then south to Austria and Donau. It turns out that a European organization has made a net of bike roads all through Europe. Number 7, the one we have walked on now to Prague actually begins back in Sweden! And from Prague we will walk along number 6 all the way to the Black Sea along one of Europes largest rivers Donau.

You are most welcome to join us!

Glimpses of the Peacewalk these weeks:

That feeling when a beetle poops in your hand!

Ebba making wonderful ceremonies

I ended up in front of a GuruJi in a cafe with Tibetan interior

Crossing the ferry with the peace wagon

Feels like a sunset over the Tanzanian savannah

Camping at the edge of union and separation of the two rivers

Mulberries in abundance

In two days we are in Prague and would love to meet kindred souls. Connect with us on

Blessings and wishes for peace to the whole Earth

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