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The European part of the global peacewalk finished in October 2017. After 4000km from Sweden to Serbia it was decided that the next steps will be made in Asia 2018 and we are currently planning the next walk in South Korea by Autumn 2018.

We are most grateful for all support during these two years!

You are most welcome to follow us on our new website: www.ways2worldpeace.org
Which is also the name of our newly funded non-profit organization to support the walk.

You can read more about the first two years in our blog here:

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Much love from Albin, Fredric, Ebba and Erik!


An Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage around the Earth

12th of June 2016, Sweden, Walk2Peace took its first steps. Albin started with dear friends and a vision of world peace, a vision to walk around the Earth for a decade or more.

The peace pilgrimage or simply "the walk", is open for all who wants to walk to peace: peace in oneself, peace in the world.



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here we are!

"4000km – To Follow your Heart"

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We give thanks to the Earth and all her forms of life, who give us air to breath, water to drink, food to eat

We give thanks to our families, friends, teachers, to technology, spiritual traditions and nations, who all have given us a language to speak, a home to live in, something to live for, and most importantly, love

We give thanks to the Sun, the saints, the stars, the rainbows and all those who warm our hearts and enlighten our path to peace

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