the peacewalk around the earth


"I'm going to walk to Syria. For World Peace."

That's how I first had the idea for my peacewalk. Begin where I am right now, and walk towards where peace is needed the most.

I began the walk to peace in Sweden 2016

The idea is very simple, and very old: We don't need wars.

Peace doesn't come from another war. Peace comes from the fulfilment of basic human needs. Peace comes from mutual respect, trust and and sustainable livelihoods.

My name is Albin, and I am walking around the Earth to the one goal we all dream of, World Peace.

Albin Hagberg Medin


I walk to a world where everyone, of every nationality, ethnicity, sexuality and faith can live together in Peace.
A world without war, murder, rape, genocide or ecocide.
A world where everyone's real needs are fulfilled: Homes, clean air, food and water, love, meaning, creativity and friendship.


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There are so many peaceful beings who have helped me, supported me and encouraged me to dare to follow my vision for world peace.

I am forever grateful to you all.

This digital gratitude shrine is for those whose love and blessings have touched me in ways beyond expression.

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Soul brother. Peace Viking.
There is an endless river of grateful tears in my heart for you. For your sincerity, humbleness and embodiment of Peace. You are my perfect mirror, my twin Peacewalker. Our wishes for World Peace has brought us together and will keep us together forever beyond World Peace.
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Peace brother. Digital guru. Guardian of Bifrost, Heimdal.
You came into my life after many years of prayer for guidance in the digital realm. It is all thanks to you that I can navigate freely between Midgård and Asgård on the digital bridge. You show me the greatness of unconditional, endless trust. And remind me of the power of the grace of Pachamama.
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My beloved grandmother… each day on this walk I have learnt from you just how beautiful a flower that the love between child and grandmother can grow into. You raise my spirit like no one else. With your support I can walk a thousand miles, and write a thousand books for peace.
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You show me the power of love with each of your actions. Your life is a statement to the strength of forgiveness and compassion and inspires me again and again.
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Your unconditional support has ment the world for me in the many hardships I have faced. The endless joys and laughs we have shared always lifts my mood. Your light shines and I am grateful to get to follow your journey.
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Mum, you have given me the gift of life. You have cared for me when I could not care for myself. Wiped my tears. Held me in the long nights. Comforted me in pain and in heartache. Your warm love resonates in my heart for all eternity. I am forever grateful.
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Dad, you have given me the gift of life. Your boundless love has helped me find home to myself over and over. You are my role model for kindness and to receive your connection to nature has been a great blessing. Your courage to walk your own way has inspired me and shown me the mysteries of the world.
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You teach me with your existence. You teach me how devotion looks like. You teach me how true love of life sounds like. You teach me how true friendship feels. We took the first steps to World Peace together and we will take the last steps together.

There are so many more of you. All I met on this journey to peace. All of you have made an imprint of goodness in my heart. Especially you :)

Finally, I bow down to the trees, the birds, the insects and the whales. I worship the vast oceans, the lush forests and the majestic mountains. I bow to all the holy saints who have walked the path of peace before me and shown me the way.

May I always cherish the gifts our beloved Earth and Sun so freely gives each and every moment. Each and every breath. Each and every step.

Thank you